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We Have A Date!

Friday February 8th 2019 I received a call that changed my life. "Hi Aunt Jodie....Guess what! I'm your match!" I was sitting in the Sonic drive-in with my brand new grandson and my daughter in law.  We stopped for a bite after baby Grey's doctor visit.  I wasn't expecting any news that day, it was just an ordinary day that turned EXTRAordinary. My niece had blood drawn on January 28th and mailed to the lab for matching. Two weeks later she got the results.  Sitting in my car trying to tell my daughter in law the good news, I cried, like ugly cried.  God is so good, I'm getting a new kidney.  The roller skating waitress came to my car window to deliver our lunch, me sobbing, blowing my nose and all.  I must have looked a mess.  I remember telling her I had just received good news and she just handed me my food and gave a half smile thinking in her head, what a crazy lady. Fast forward to Tuesday July 23rd.  Every committee meeting had been held.  My niece h