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A Quick Update

It seems like I've have been waiting forever for information from the transplant team on when my surgery will be.  I still have no dates or news.  Sigh.  But on the donor end we have just overcome a hurdle and are now rounding the bend.  My donor is waiting to hear from her coordinator on when she can attend Donor Education Class and get her pelvic CT scan done so the surgeon has a nice little road map of her kidney's arteries and veins for the nephrectomy.   I continue to be on the deceased donor list and give my blood draw each month to keep myself current with UNOS.  I know the wait is about 5 - 7 years for that, but you just never know! I am still feeling pretty good, but I can get exhausted pretty fast.  I continue to rest and work on my watercolor paintings (also a practice in patience!).  Here are a few new paintings I've completed recently.  My next appointment with the kidney doctor and lab work will be in another week.  I hope we can get