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Still Dialysis Free

I am happy to report that my kidneys are still functioning and I have not had to start dialysis yet!  My goal is still to continue moving toward transplant and avoiding dialysis.  I think paying close attention to my diet, taking all of my medications and remaining positive everyday are some of the key factors of these kidneys of mine holding on. My kidneys have been having some trouble processing phosphorus so my doctor has me taking a phosphorus binder. The American Kidney Fund explains Phosphorus this way: Phosphorus is a mineral found in many foods. It works with calcium and vitamin D in your body to keep your bones healthy and strong. Healthy kidneys keep the right amount of phosphorus in your body, but when your kidneys are not working well, phosphorus can build up to dangerous levels in your blood. When you have too much phosphorus in the blood, your body will pull calcium from the bones in an attempt to match the amount of phosphorus in the blood, causing bones to becom