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Tool Boxes and Drain Pans

Living the last 6 years with a chronic disease, first, an unexplained auto immune disease and now chronic kidney disease, has certainly been a trial and has helped me grow closer to God as I learn to lean on Him in the hard times, wait patiently for answers and trust him for my healing. I have gathered many coping tools along the way and have a big "toolbox" full of beautiful words that encourage me when I am down, or when I am weak.  I find strength in scripture and the promises of God when life takes twists and turns that I can not control.    Here are just a few: But, being strong all of the time is hard (and it sucks). Sometimes I just need a "drain pan" and not a "tool box". Unfortunately many of those near and dear to us see us struggle and reac h into their tool box and pull out cheer up words, be strong scripture and motivational memes to help fix us, when all we need is a drain pan to catch our words, our tears, our grief, our an

Transplant : Not As Seen On TV

Hello!!  Sorry it's been a minute since I have posted anything new on my blog.  Winter is coming to a close here in central Indiana, but the cold weather still lingers making me want to stay inside and work on a few projects.  Dennis and I have been unpacking the garage, building shelving and organizing everything so that maybe by summer I can park my car in the garage again!  Our unfinished basement is full of boxes of stuff we've been sorting through.  We hope to get the majority of it into a garage sale and the memories and holiday decor neatly stored away on the shelving system Dennis built.  Our goal is to finish the basement soon, drywall, carpet, theater room, bar, extra bedroom, the works!  We are taking it one step at a time. On a positive note, January 22nd, we welcomed our new grandson Grey Joseph Minniear into our family.  I have spent a lot of time down in southern Indiana with my son and his wife helping and snuggling baby Grey. An update on me, I want to take